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    Dan Dunkle, Senior Education Consultant at Guidewire, Inc., and CEO ThoughtWareLLC

    Daniel Dunkle, MSAE, is an enthusiastic and gifted technical instructor, artist, DJ, and community organizer, with over 25 years of work experience in the fields of Computer and Database Programming, Project Management, and Technical Instruction.

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    New in 2009

    I'm far along in recovery from two hip replacements, and have been moving and shaking better than ever. I received excellent care and excellent support from many professionals and friends, every dance for me is one of thanks to you. Lots to be grateful for.

    I've been working for going on two years in a long term assignment with Guidewire Software, in the role of Senior Education Consultant. ThoughtWare LLC will remains focused on courseware publishing, skills assessment, advisement, and mentoring. I am also launching the Radiance Group as a non-profit organization, to back the community efforts of Radiance.

    In March 2009 I founded Radiance (currently developing the space of the former Radiance Factory as a Live/Work) in the Jack London Square area of Oakland. The Radiance community organizes community, outreach, events and workshops involving music, health and well-being, men's work, and personal growth, and is a hub and resource for multiple other communities.

    Contact: dan@dandunkle.com


    Yosemite Los Angeles